falling asleep beneath the flowers
a child in those days
running free in the open meadow
twirling and spinning and dancing
closing her eyes to become weightless

watch her float away

into the trees
singing all the songs that the birds sing
a livening lullaby
softly and sweetly
joining the chorus of birds
she flies hearing a harmony
flying higher past the trees

cotton candy clouds
fluffy beds not meant for sleeping
looking down below in sheer amazement
fascinated by her freedom

missing the stars already
the cloud she’s on is getting heavy
and as the birds faintly sing
her favorite song
the cloud breaks and rain begins to fall

like the tears streaming down her face
forming a salty river
opening up into the vast blue ocean
the rain touches the ground
but she won’t fall down just yet
feeling her heartbeat like a drum
thunder so loud as her heart
beats loudly amongst the clouds
calling for her head to come home again

louder and louder, frightening skies
where a separated head and heart
strike each other, lightning like a match
a warm fire created by the two
back and forth, burning bridges, through and through

too hot for earth right now
falling faster
what to do
aiming for the blue ocean
filled with tears down to the bottom
head and heart sink into this body
but its too lifeless to consume

hot heads and fiery hearts
left to be forgotten in the ocean
rock bottom and theres no oxygen
thoughts and feeling that may never
see the light of day again

all that happened within a daydream
i felt a raindrop on my face
a sunny day in a field full of flowers
i woke up with the afternoon showers
and i smiled and i cried
and felt the rain touch me

i was a body floating down a rive
face down gravity pulling me
and i can feel it
the rain slows down
fades from sprinkles to mist
now dew drops
and flowers and the sun
shining down on me

i blink my eyes
take a deep breath
back onto my feet
no one else near me
i take a look around
i am a soul
and through my eyes i see
the beauty of it all
around my body, the full 360

seeing this beauty in the world
showing the beautiful soul within me
immersed in love
radiating positivity
a peaceful goddess
and empress amongst thieves
a redheaded flower child
standing all alone
becoming whole
infinity to one
one to infinity
here on earth
this life is amazing


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